Header HT682 Series

Unitech's HT682 Advanced Series

The Unitech HT682 is a high quality handheld terminal offering great features, making this device suitable for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, retail, warehousing and logistics. Designed for the toughest work environments, the HT682 mobile terminal gives you the reliability and flexibility needed to increase productivity and efficiency in all of your data collection applications.
Advanced Mobile Operating Systems 
Equipped with a fast 800 MHz processor and Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 professional operating system, makes this device not only fast but also compatible with a variety of current software applications. The HT682 provides multiple wireless communications such as the integrated WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n for real-time data collection and Bluetooth® for cordless connectivity. Designed for the toughest working environments, the HT682 is IP65 rated and withstands a multiple 1.8 meter drop to concrete. 

Choose your scan engine - (1D laser, 2D imager or extra long-range 2D imager)
When it comes to current data collection, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why the HT682 is loaded with advanced data capture capabilities. Choose the scan engine that best meets your requirements. The HT682 is available with a 1D laser, 2D imager or even an extra long-range 2D imager. With this extensive choice, you can find the right HT682 model for every worker, every application and every environment.

Extend the HT682 with 12Manage - (Remote Device Management System)

Together with the HT682 or HT682LR, Unitech offers great enhancements by the means of 12Manage, Unitech’s remote device management system. This Unitech solution is created to ease the management and integration of devices. It will allow 24/7 access to a portal giving instant views on the complete install base of mobile computer. Updating user applications or knowing status details of all connected terminals (battery, running application, Wifi) is quick and easy with this free of cost software solution.