Unitech's PA700 Rugged Handheld Terminal

User Experience has become the overriding measure of success for nearly every enterprise mobility project. Unitech has built a deep understanding all over the years and created the next generation device to make it legitimate for the business apps / solution makers to demonstrate this principle.


The Unitech PA700 rugged industrial terminal brings a new level of personal productivity and functionality to the enterprise. The PA700 is a powerful all-in-one rugged terminal. Equipped with strong industrial-grade functions the PA700 is the ideal digital assistant for any mobile worker.


Tough but elegant design

The PA700 features the largest screen size (4,7”) in its grade without sacrificing the comfort for finger-friendly applications to run on an Android platform. Enterprise users can simply accelerate their work-flow with the PA700’s advanced wireless connectivity, allowing users to access and share information easily while they are on the go.  


The Unitech PA700 will expand current workflows. With an integrated 1D or 2D imager (mobile) employees can easily use the PA700 to manage inventory, assets, check prices and manage productivity or customer service levels. In addition, it is possible to expand the PA700 with an optional HF/NFC RFID reader/writer, ideal for cashless payment transactions and access control applications.  


The PA700 provides the enterprise the opportunity to get the best return on investment. Protected by Aluminum-magnesium alloy casing, Corning® Gorilla® Glass II display, rugged design (IP65), and 1.2M drop proof offers extra ruggedness and prolongs product life time. The PA700 just offers the highest standard you can expect from an industrial terminal. 


Extend the PA700 with 12Manage - (Remote Device Management System)

Together with the new PA700, Unitech offers great enhancements by the means of 12Manage, Unitech’s remote device management system. This Unitech solution is created to ease the management and integration of devices. It will allow 24/7 access to a portal giving instant views on the complete install base of mobile computer. Updating user applications or knowing status details of all connected terminals (battery, running application, Wifi) is quick and easy with this free of cost software solution.