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Unitech Europe UnitCare 2.0
How it works? 

Partner level is lined to partner revenue

At United 2.0, the partner status is defined by revenue contribution. Gain a higher partner level by increasing your annual revenue. The program distinguishes Mars-, Venus-, Neptune-, Jupiter- and Saturn- Partner Status Levels. 

 An United 2.0 partnership level can be moved upwards or downwards. If a partner reaches to next contribution level within a pending year, they will get immediate promotion to higher bene t box and remains valid through next calendar year. Otherwise, the partner level for the coming year will be reviewed by the end of each running year and will reset if the current status is expired. 

 When the contribution meets minimum 80% of the requested contribution, the partner  level will be extended for another year. 

 When the contribution meets less than 80%, the partner level will be downgraded to the next available one. 

 For more details about the revenue and status levels, please contact your Unitech Sales representative.

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