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Find a selection of questions about UnitCare 2.0    

Please find a selection of questions we have been asked about our UnitCare 2.0 Warranty Service.  Please feel free to ask a question using the link "Ask a question" left in the menu. We will get back to you as soon as we can with an answer. If we think it will also help others we will add to our frequently asked questions.

Q; Does the UniteCare 2.0 cover my services like the UniteCare 1.0?  
A; Yes, the UnitCare 2.0 covers every condition of the well-known UnitCare 1.0 program. Just create your preferred or customised package by our additional supplements.

Q; Can I still order UniteCare 1.0?
A; Starting from 1st of July 2016 it is not possible to order UnitCare 1.0. If you would like to create the same contract as your current UnitCare 1.0;  the UnitCare 2.0 will offer all equivalent components you need.

Q; With the launch of UnitCare 2.0. What will happen with my UnitCare 1.0?  
A; The current UnitCare 1.0 remains unchanged till end of contract. Till then, both contracts will run at the same time.

Q; What shall I do if I will have a mixed of Unitcare 1.0 and 2.0 at same end user?
A; If you would like to create the same contract as your current UnitCare 1.0;  the UnitCare 2.0 will offer all equivalent components you need.

Q; How can I order the UnitCare and supplements?
A; You can easily calculate your preferred package via our online Price bookThis makes it easy to create your preferred package, meeting your requirements and budget. Once you've defied your warranty package, you can order your UniteCare 2.0. service via your distributor/reseller. 

Q;How can I request a RMA?
A; The procedure will remain the same (request the RMA online). The portal will automatically guide you with the online Wizard trough the process and to the right Authorized Service Center.

Q; Advanced Replacement Unit - How is it arranged? Is the transportation of the failed unit included? Or do I have to add the transport module when I take this option as mandatory?
A; Unitech will not collect the defect unit. It is customer's cost to cover it unless there is a pick up service includedThe shipping cost of replacement is at Unitech's cost but only to the contractural address (not elsewhere). If there has been a replacement unit given, we will repair the defect unit and put it in swapping buffer again. Unitech will not returned the repaired unit from the same case to customer. 

Q; Extra 1Y Extension - Is there a limit of extensions you can order?  (Can I renew after my first extension 1Y period will be finalised or can I  extend just one time?)
A; The owner can buy more than one time of yearly extension, but limited to maximum 5 years since the product was purchased and the product is NOT yet EOL.

Q; Battery replacement - When will I receive the battery?  At the starting of the period or can I decide when I would like to receive the replacement of the battery?
A; The owner will receive a coupon from Unitech. Via our portal (within the valid period) they will have access to redeem their eligible battery quantity. They can redeem the eligible qty in full or partially. The sending of the battery will be at Unitech's cost. 

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